What’s Next for Posschain: 2023

4 min readJun 10, 2023

As we move into the latter half of 2023, Posschain is poised for a wealth of development and deployment that will advance the state of blockchain technology. Following our ambitious roadmap, we are excited to share more about what lies ahead in Q3 and Q4 of this year.

Q3 2023: Tools and Innovations

  1. Development Toolkit: Our goal here is to create an expansive set of tools to facilitate the development of applications on our network. The toolkit will include software libraries, debugging tools, and other resources to simplify and streamline the development process on the Posschain network. We believe that by creating a supportive environment for developers, we can foster a robust and innovative Posschain ecosystem.
  2. Posschain VM (Virtual Machine) Beta Release: The Posschain VM is a crucial component of our blockchain. It’s the engine that executes smart contracts on our network. A virtual machine creates a safe and isolated environment within which the contract operates, making it possible to carry out various computational operations on the blockchain. The beta release of our VM signifies a significant step towards the full deployment of our blockchain solution.
  3. Smart Contracts: Integral to any modern blockchain, smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into lines of code. These code-based contracts will automatically enforce and execute the agreements, eliminating the need for an intermediary and thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Posschain aims to make these contracts as accessible and easy to use as possible, fostering the potential for broad usage across numerous industries.

Q4 2023: Main-Net Launch and Advanced Protocols

  1. Posschain Main-Net Launch: Arguably the most significant event on our roadmap, the main-net launch represents the culmination of our development efforts and the official start of our fully functional blockchain network. The main-net will allow for real transactions and live smart contracts, marking a major milestone in Posschain’s history.
  2. Storage Sharing Protocol: We are developing a protocol that allows network participants to share storage capacity. This distributed storage system will increase network capacity, stability, and speed. Users will be able to rent out their unused storage, fostering a more efficient and community-based storage solution.
  3. Fast State Sync and Re-Sharding: Fast State Sync allows new nodes to synchronize with the network quickly. In addition, re-sharding is a mechanism designed to balance the load across different shards (or subnets of the blockchain) to optimize efficiency. These two mechanisms together will ensure that the Posschain network remains robust and responsive, even as it grows in size and complexity.
  4. Cryptography Engine: At the heart of blockchain technology is cryptography, which ensures the security and immutability of the blockchain. The Cryptography Engine in Posschain will handle all cryptographic functions, such as transaction signing and verification, making it a core component of our security infrastructure.
  5. Consensus Engine: The Consensus Engine is what allows all nodes in the network to agree on the validity of transactions and blocks. In Posschain, we’re developing a consensus engine that is both robust against attacks and efficient in processing transactions. It’s a vital part of ensuring the reliability and integrity of the blockchain network.

This roadmap presents an ambitious but exciting journey for Posschain in the coming months. By focusing on creating robust and scalable blockchain infrastructure, we aim to foster a vibrant and innovative ecosystem where developers and users alike can benefit from the capabilities of blockchain technology. We look forward to sharing more updates as we progress along this path.

A DAO-Driven Future: The Power in Your Hands

As we continue to evolve and expand Posschain’s capabilities, we remain committed to our guiding principle: being a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where our community is the key decision-maker. All of these ambitious goals and projects that we’ve outlined in our roadmap will be presented for approval to the Posschain DAO community.

In a DAO, power is distributed among a network of stakeholders, rather than being concentrated in a central authority. Every member has a say in the direction and decisions of the organization. It’s this principle of shared governance and transparency that underpins Posschain and makes it truly decentralized.

The proposed projects for the rest of 2023 represent significant developments for Posschain and the broader blockchain ecosystem. They will require substantial resources, expertise, and effort to be realized. Therefore, we look forward to the active participation of our community members in the voting process, as your decisions will shape the future trajectory of Posschain.

Our commitment to being a DAO ensures that Posschain remains by the community, for the community. This democratic and inclusive process ensures that the blockchain’s evolution aligns with the interests and vision of those it serves — you. Your voice matters in the Posschain community, and we’re excited about what we can achieve together in the coming months.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember: the future of Posschain is in your hands. Together, let’s make this vision a reality.




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