What is the Posschain DAO panel? How to use?

1 min readApr 5, 2023

Hello Posschain family!

Today we are proud to announce a revolutionary development.
Less than a week after the announcement of the Posschain DAO transition process, we prepared the DAO panel!

In this adventure, which we set out with the goal of decentralization, we have established a 100% decentralized structure as of now.

If you ask what is DAO, you can review this article → https://medium.com/@posschain/posschains-transition-to-decentralization-embracing-dao-for-a-community-driven-future-c1b83f165b96

How does the Posschain DAO system work?

There are two options available to you in our DAO panel!
The first is to participate in community voting:
You can participate in all decision-making mechanisms related to Posschain by participating in community voting. The value of your vote is directly proportional to the amount of tokens. For example, let’s consider two investors with 10,000 and 100,000 tokens. When they vote on a topic, the investor who has 100,000 Tokens has 10 times the vote of the other investor.

Creating community polls:
Another option is the process of creating community votes. You need at least 10,000 Tokens to exercise this right. Have an idea that you believe will improve Posschain? Start a community vote!




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