The most crucial feature of Posschain: Interoperability

Posschain is a next-generation autonomous blockchain that offers a new security paradigm and fair representation of crypto-economic incentives. It is uniquely designed to provide massive scalability, high TPS, and security at its core. It differs from any other blockchain in that it supports intelligent private contracts, the creation of decentralized applications, and other architectural mechanisms that can interact with each other. Blockchains operate in silos, and the gap between them has become an obstacle in bringing together and incorporating big ideas to advance blockchain technology. While Posschain is committed to a reliable and transparent network of cross-chain interoperability, it also solves another major problem — blockchains run on an outdated consensus algorithm that isn’t compatible enough. The Artificial Intelligence mechanism is why Posschain is called the next-generation blockchain. The AI-controlled tool allowed an error-free analysis of connected nodes in the network to make solid nodes a part of the network to ensure continuous activity and exceptional consensus. Posschain is a fully decentralized and autonomous network that provides equal opportunity for all nodes to participate, distribute rewards and operate with lower transaction fees. Posschain use cases highlight critical technical capabilities required to achieve interoperability, decentralization, hybrid ecosystem, and other development platforms to facilitate improved processes.

Corporate Planning
ERP silos have enjoyed being one-of-a-kind, but even with communication, they have problems. Posschain’s Interoperable and AI-based ERP blockchain will track the history of documents, employees, and past attempts. It will also accept active partners, and cooperation with other businesses will be resolved immediately. With its immutability, Blockchain helps businesses recover long-lost data. Production, management, and supply chain will be gathered under one roof, data will be easy to track and transfer from one blockchain to another thanks to interoperability, the communication gap will be significantly reduced, and the primary need for arbitrary data exchange will be provided.

Voting Mechanism
Voting systems have always been flawed; however, Posschain’s blockchain technology can solve the problem of organizing an error-free voting environment. Immutable and interoperable voting systems will ensure that votes are cast while maintaining confidentiality protocols and that they are recorded in a robust system so that government agencies can retrieve data quickly. While easily connecting the voter and the organization, the AI ​​consensus provides more room for many votes in a short time and automatically collects all the data for calculations. This will save a lot of time, and with artificial intelligence consensus, the government will know about all the people who did not vote and further improve the system.

GST and PAYG (pay as you go) can use Posschain for their benefit. Paying taxes is sometimes a big hassle. Instead of using the tax payment system in central database-based software, institutions can use blockchain technology to interact directly with government agencies using interoperability.

Health sector
Advances in technology are only valuable when they help society and the world. The healthcare industry can significantly benefit from Posschain’s interoperability, AI consensus, and immutability. If the patient’s records are recorded on the blockchain and transferred to a non-patient system, moving clinical data from one system to another in complete security could be a massive success for the industry. Posschain can offer information exchange for expert advice. Connecting systems in this way require semantic interoperability that can be achieved through Posschain.

Personal identification
A self-sovereign identity system allows users to own and control their personal information and digitally sign requests and transactions; Posschain can provide all this and create a secure access-controlled environment with an advanced and transitive Know Your Customer process — an automated system that protects against theft and fraud, less friction and greater compliance.

Education and School
The education industry requires a system that can connect its institutions to authorities dealing with education in the region or state. Posschain can create smart contracts for data exchange between examination boards, schools, and students. It can ensure the security, interoperability, and immutability of data.

Decentralized Exchanges
An interoperable and decentralized exchange could perform cross-chain transfers without a hitch. Posschain’s network allows users to search for buyers and sellers easily, as well as set prices for trading to take place. It will connect many blockchains and let cross-blockchain commerce take place; this will be very useful for expanding the scope of the crypto-economic system.

Decentralized Applications
Posschain can solve today’s decentralized application scalability problems. Highly scalable, support for thousands of blockchains, but most importantly, secure workspaces; We will create a complete end-to-end experience that supports developers and users — ensuring developers have all the tools and services they need, and users have easy access to everything running on the autonomous Posschain Network. The Posschain network is designed to overcome the challenges of poor scalability, low TPS, low availability, interoperability issues, and a dated consensus algorithm.

Hybrid ecosystem
A hybrid ecosystem with public and private blockchain could allow communities to collaborate on running decentralized applications together. Posschain paves the way for a hybrid solution that considers the pros of both blockchain systems and overrides the cons of both approaches. A hybrid, interoperable, decentralized, and AI-based network can make many businesses more competitive in the marketplace, whether in e-commerce or any other industry.



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Posschain is a next-generation blockchain protocol, that enables all legacy, current, and future blockchains to seamlessly scale and communicate with each other