POSSCHAIN AMA: You Asked, We Answered

6 min readAug 23, 2022


Business Development Questions

Which exchanges are you in negotiation with?

As you know, we agreed with BitMart! We are also in contact with several top exchanges; we’ve been here for a few months and have developed relationships with many AAA exchanges. However, we cannot explain these relationships in detail as it violates the nondisclosure agreement.

What can you say about future partnerships?

We are in contact with different potential partnerships. We have recently held numerous meetings with those who have reached out to us and those focused on our more general public enterprise steps.

Why did you start the Posschain enterprise project before releasing the Posschain public chain?

The institutional chain will help us gain partners and build use cases during the “off-season” created by this bear market. It will also help the developer team get more feedback before releasing the public chain.

Are there any possibilities for Posschain to consider a security token and the utility token in the future? For example, a utility token for the public blockchain and a security token for the private blockchain.

Maybe as a separate project, we could consider. However, we are trying to focus on the usable blockchain for now!

What is the team doing to ensure a fair exchange with the volume to list POSS?

The team is working hard on negotiations with exchanges. Due to the bear market, listing on major exchanges has taken longer waiting periods, and they’ve become more challenging, but we are on the right track.

Can you explain what the plans for the enterprise version of Posschain are? (Public) How will you guarantee that investors funding to develop the Posschain blockchain will benefit from the institutional version?

More adoptions, more approvals, more revised code, and broader publicity. For example, Ethereum has its EEA for businesses.

Community-focused Questions

When will we see marketing?

Our focus is on building community through social channels and business development to engage partners, as well as press development that shines a light on our innovations and thought leadership. We hired some public relations and social media firms to achieve this.

Why are Paul and Analia so quiet?

Paul and Analia had previously worked on internal issues. Now Analia works on marketing/communications while Paul works on community relations. They remained silent because they were focused on keeping business and the community moving in the right direction.

Could Paul, Analia or Marius be more present?

Paul, Analia, and Marius are trying to get our message across. When there are announcements, they can also show themselves.

When will the bounty campaign start?

The bounty campaign (ETA) will begin early next month. This campaign will only focus on encouraging developers to interact with our protocol.

When will the new homepage be online?

The beta version will be ready next quarter, so we plan to launch it during that time.

Do you think Posschain’s investors and community are an essential part of Posschain’s future success? If this is the case, what specific plans do you have to restore trust and enthusiasm that have been lost in the past few months due to poor communication and broken promises?

Our only promise in our pre-sale was that we would deliver a cutting-edge blockchain that would solve the core problem of decentralized scalability. We keep this promise. If you mean the mainnet release delay, that was an estimated date but never a guarantee. We hear you. We know how frustrating this process can be: the team wanted the mainnet launch as badly as anyone else. We are committed to our technology, and this is the most extraordinary dedication we can make to our first community.

Which country does Posschain operate under the jurisdiction of?


What is the anticipated token distribution date?

28–31 September 2022 — POSS token distribution

What are Posschain’s marketing plans before and after the launch? How will you leverage your crypto community and media relationships to ensure Posschain is seen as trustworthy and relevant?

Paul Elvans is an experienced marketing executive and a key team member. An AMA is not a space where we can lay out our entire marketing strategy. Still, it is sufficient to say that we will continue to develop the Posschain brand by bringing our technology and articles to several different partnerships, businesses, and trade publications. To endure in the real world.

Technical Questions

Approximately when will we see a Mainnet?

We are working hard to deliver the mainnet. However, we try to ensure we provide it in the best conditions. First, we want to wait until we get out of the bear market. Second, we want to focus on increasing all other elements such as sales, marketing, and operations to have a solid foundation. Finally, if all the stars align, we’re considering launching before the end of the year.

When will we see mining features?

We are currently investigating different mining algorithms. We love this job and want to make these fundamental decisions right. We are also cautious about the time to share specs because we don’t want others to copy our schematic.

What is the audit firm’s assessment statement for the Posschain blockchain?

The audit is still ongoing.

When will the yellow paper come out?

As we write this, the first draft of the yellow paper is written. However, it will take some time to publish.

What can you say about the latest benchmark results?

We have already reached the physical limit of algorithms. Projects that claim to run faster than Posschain do not have the same decentralization and security standards that we hold high.

Will there be new token metrics?

Possible. We will continue evaluating the best longevity benchmarks and specific market conditions.

When will the mainnet open?

2023 Q2.

What about the mainnet coin features, block time, block reward, and coin algorithm?

We will publish this data after we collect enough feedback from Testnet.

How does Posschain compare to other leading blockchains? When will we see a chart comparing the different ones with Posschain?

There are many blockchain platforms on the market today, all of which claim to have their advantages and quirks. However, we see many of these companies circumventing the real problems that blockchains face. Posschain is focused on making meaningful progress towards scalability while remaining genuinely decentralized. That’s a great question, and we’ll keep writing about why we stand out in this landscape.

Is it possible to move an Ethereum-based Token to the Posschain blockchain?

Yes, Posschain is designed to be compatible with Ethereum smart contracts.

Would the smart contracts generated in the Posschain Testnet be moved to the Posschain public blockchain?

Yes, smart contracts generated in the Posschain Testnet can be moved to the Posschain public blockchain.

Questions Regarding Our Private Sale

I have been involved in this project for a long time and have been with this group since June, but the minimal contribution of private sales was too much. Will there be an option to buy POSS at the end of the ICO? Or are other early adopters taking advantage of the opportunities?

Perfect! Yes, there will be a three-week Private Sale marathon before it gets listed.

What is the date and price information for a Private Sale?

5–12 September — Private Sale Phase 1 — $0.70
13–20 September — Private Sale Phase 2 — $0.80
21–28 September — Private Sale Phase 3 — $0.90

How do you intend to compensate private sale investors?

Posschain is an innovative contract platform, and its coins are used as a utility token in the functioning of the blockchain. Our focus is to deliver technology that will change the world. We see you all as supporters of providing this technology!

What are the sales statistics for private sales?

Phase 1– 500.000 POSS

Phase 2– 500.000 POSS

Phase 3– 500.000 POSS

How many tokens were sold during the ICO?

Almost five million POSS tokens are currently awaiting deployment.

How will you reward early investors? Will 10% of the total supply be allocated to pre-sale investors?

We proceed with a different price policy for each stage. This policy is designed for investors to win in the long run.

What are the funds allocated to? Crew, partners, flights?

We use our funds to pay for staff and promote what we do through a PR agency and conference sponsorships. We’ve also hired new agencies to support our communications, ensure regulatory compliance, and accelerate business development efforts to deliver a revenue-generating product after launch.




Posschain is a next-generation blockchain protocol, that enables all legacy, current, and future blockchains to seamlessly scale and communicate with each other

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