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“PossApp Testnet in 10 questions”

What is Possapp Testnet?

Possapp Testnet is the experimental playground blockchain for Posschain. Developers can test blockchain applications and integrate them with all existing services Posschain offers without interrupting Mainnet’s operations.

Is it open to everyone? Or are there limits?

Additionally, it includes a tap and a block explorer, so developers can go through unlimited testing of their apps and easily track transactions within their apps during the testing phase.

Will it be independent of the mainnet?

Community members who feel Posschain’s native cryptocurrency of the network maintain and manage the Possapp Testnet. It also functions as an independent blockchain.

How is it different with the PossArena Framework?

PossArena Framework allows you to create new blockchain networks through ready-made tools. But PossApp Testnet is a structure that allows you to try subprojects that you have created on the Posschain network. It covers NFT, Metaverse, DeFi and similar projects made on the Posschain network.

How does it benefit developers? What is the purpose?

Integrating with the test net, developers can explore Posschain technology limits in real-world applications before deploying to the Posschain Mainnet.

Why do we need this?

Developing a project in a network can be quite complicated. Long mailings, sharing source codes and more take a lot of time. In addition, the theme of the project teams and the importance of agreements are in conflict with decentralization. Thanks to PossApp Testnet, developers can unlimitedly test the applications they will make on the network.

When will it be published?

Since PossApp Testnet will be an independent network with one-to-one features with the mainnet, it is not possible to publish without switching to the Mainnet. This corresponds to 2023 Q2.

Will the Posschain team offer support to developers?

We are preparing an incentive program within the scope of PossApp Testnet. The announcement of this program, which will include technical and financial support, will be made in 2023 Q3.

Why do you care so much about developers?

Posschain is a next-generation blockchain project. The possibilities provided by the network are capable of inspiring many new project ideas for developers. We believe that the project will not grow alone, but together with its ecosystem.

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