Dear investors,

We are pleased to announce that we have put our new marketing plan into practice.

As part of the new roadmap, we have planned actions that will promote Posschain revolutions around the world. We will announce these actions step by step. In terms of content, we have included all marketing processes in the equation, from traditional methods to the most innovative ones.

Our project definitely deserves to be talked about more. We understand the concerns and expectations of our investors and we promise to do our best for them.

There will be some missions on the new roadmap. These missions are not only the team’s missions, but also the community’s missions. Not one or two, but dozens of mission are waiting for us. It is only the first of these missions that we will explain today.

As you know, Twitter is the social media platform at the center of the whole crypto ecosystem. We should become more visible here. To that end, we have expanded our marketing team. Both visually and textually, new team members have joined us.

So let us get to the details of our first mission.

Our first mission is to enter the Trend Topic List, Twitter’s main showcase.

So how will it be?

First, the help of the community! The Posschain Telegram community has more than 50,000 members. We need to organize and actively participate in the tags we set.

In this regard, we have made agreements with many influencers with a high number of followers on Twitter. They will accelerate the momentum we have achieved by pointing them to the tags we have set on the day we want to be included in the TT list.

Again, we purchased consultancy services from a few agencies that are specialized in this regard.

Depending on our success rate, we plan to stay on the global TT list for 2–3 hours. Our Twitter account will be visited more than ever before. We need to convey the right messages and take the right direction. For this we have prepared many videos and visual works.

Together we will be successful.

The event will take place this week. The date will be announced one day in advance.

Posschain Team



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