“AI integration with 10 questions”

3 min readNov 29, 2022


What is AI?

Artificial intelligence uses computers, data and sometimes machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making abilities of the human mind. It also includes the subfields of machine learning and deep learning, which use AI algorithms trained on data to make predictions or classifications and become smarter over time.

Which feature of AI is useful on the blockchain axis?

The benefits of AI include automation of repetitive tasks, better decision making, and a better user experience.

What is the relationship between Posschain and AI?

Posschain includes an AI model at the heart of the blockchain. This AI model helps the network reach consensus effectively and reduces the overall byzantine error of the network. These speeds up the network’s batch processing times and keeps the network running under attacks or flags.

How will AI be used in the network?

Posschain’s AI model coordinates the various roles of each node in the network. The nodes are arranged in a hierarchy based on a trust rating system. The higher the node reaches the order, the higher the degree of trust. A higher degree of confidence provides access to vital roles in the

Does it have anything to do with the consensus mechanism of AI?

Yes, it is directly related to the consensus mechanism. The AI bot is standing on the back of the nodes in the network like a cop.

What are the nodes in the network and their degree of trust?

Once a node’s trust has been reduced, it will take time to reach its full potential again. It takes about six months for a node to reach a 99.9% confidence rating. If a node’s collective trust rating is lowered, it moves down the trust hierarchy and is assigned a less critical role in the network.
Once a node’s trust has been reduced, it will take time to reach its full potential again.

On which nodes will the AI be effective and how will it work?

AI randomly selects nodes to test and collate information. This phase identifies terrible nodes. Selected nodes are listed as inactive during testing. Reactivation occurs when the chosen nodes pass
all tests successfully or achieve a degree of confidence above or equal to the threshold set by the network administrators.

What tests will AI apply to nodes?

These tests include:
• Behavioral controls using AI and Machine Learning
• Data integrity checks
• Hardware speed controls
• Network speed checks
• Security controls

What about after?

Following the testing phase, the results of the node form part of the factors that determine the degree of confidence of the node. Other factors include reputation in the network and time active on the web.

Is AI a barrier to decentralization?

AI does not contradict decentralization as it is an algorithm made up of codes. AI is not under human control, it contains codes whose source we will publish publicly. Yes, the AI needs to be engaged and the team involved from time to time during the testing process. But we believe that we will overcome this by means of Web 3.0.




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